Data Collection Platforms

The Dande Demographic Surveillance System (DSS/Dande) is a routine data collection platform set up with the aim of discovering the size and dynamics of the population of the study area covered by the CISA Project.


DSS/Dande currently covers an area of 4,700 Km2, which corresponds to 69 communities (bairros) in three of the five counties of Dande municipality (Caxito, Mabubas and Úcua).


This ongoing population monitoring system, recognised by the Angola National Health Institute, consisted of an initial census of the entire population, undertaken in 2009, and periodical subsequent updates.

The information collected through the DSS guarantees the credibility of the epidemiological studies undertaken by the CISA Project.

A Verbal Autopsy System associated with the DSS makes it possible to determine the main causes of mortality in the study area, while also gathering information about the population's health problems.

A Paediatric Clinical Surveillance System is under operation in the Paediatric Ward of Bengo General Hospital gathering details on the main reasons children undergo hospitalisation.


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