Research activities began in 2010 and a total of ten research project have since been embarked upon with a total of four of these studies currently ongoing.


These research projects have already resulted in a total of seven published scientific articles, with a further two publications in collaboration with other research institutions and one opinion article.


Projects completed
• Survey of the prevalence of malaria, schistosomiasis, intestinal parasitoses, anemia and malnutrition in children and women in Dande Municipality (Caxito, Úcua and Mabubas), Angola;
• Arterial hypertension in an adult population sample in Bengo Province: magnitude and conditioning factors;
• Evaluation of the impact of training health technicians on improving malaria laboratorial diagnostic quality;
• Intervention study on controlling schistosomiasis in children aged between two and fifteen in Dande Municipality;
• Traditional knowledge and the natural therapeutic resources of Bengo: Ethno-botanical sampling;

• Study of the causal factors of diarrhoea in children aged under five treated at Bengo General Hospital;

• Study of the cardiovascular risk factors in an adult population sample in Bengo Province (with FESA funding support).

• Contribution of healthcare provision to the reduction of chronic under-nutrition in children aged from two to five: community case study on infections by intestinal parasites in Bengo Province (with FCT funding support);
• Transmission of schistosomiasis in Angola: malacological studies and the molecular characterisation of key mollusc species;

• Studies on Filarial Diseases in Angola;

• Epidemiology of hemoglobinopathies: genetic variation of hemoglobin and erythrocyte enzymes in Bengo, Angola".


Ongoing projects: 

  • Sickle Cell Anemia and Fetal Hemoglobin. Genetic modifiers in Angolan Children Cohort”;

  • Malaria drug resistance: treatment alternatives and optimization

  • Next-generation sequencing to understand the HIV-1 transmission patterns in Angola - HITOLA 

  • Vigilância de grávidas drepanocíticas. Prevenção de Acidentes Vasculares Cerebrais em Angola

  • Monitorização de doenças diarreicas em crianças menores de cinco anos no Hospital Geral do Bengo. Agentes bacterianos e Rotavírus 

  • Helminth infections and allergic respiratory diseases. Does a neglected tropical disease influence a noncommunicable disease? 

  • Probing the future of triple artemisin-based combination therapy in Angola

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