Training and Technical Assistance

One of the aims of the CISA Project is to provide support for the training of researchers, doctors, health technicians and those from other co-related areas, with the aim of contributing to research in the area of health and biomedical sciences in Angola and thereby also improving the population's overall state of health.


Scholarships have thus been awarded to recent Angolan graduates for short training courses (namely in clinical epidemiology at Kilifi, in Kenya, in geographical information systems at CISA, and for a research laboratory assistant).
Angolan citizens are also encouraged to apply for doctorates, and four scholarships have already been awarded for doctorates in biomedicine (funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation as part of its other initiatives).

One of the CISA Project priorities is to contribute to improving the quality of the municipality's health service delivery. CISA has therefore been supporting improvements both in the running of Bengo General Hospital as well as various municipal health programmes.

The support provided in this phase of the project has mainly been concentrated on the following areas:


- Continuing the training of nurses (from obstetrics to orthopaedics), covering both theoretical and practical aspects;
- Monitoring the clinical training given to students from the Bengo Medium-Level Health Institute, working as interns at the Hospital;
- Strengthening the information system, through specialist staff training and the improved quality of medical records;
- Support for the organisation and running of hospital departments through the drawing up of appropriate rules and procedures;
- Support for the reorganisation of outpatient consultations, pharmacy services, emergency rooms and clinical archives, amongst others;
- Support for the preparation of the Hospital's Strategic Plan.


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